Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Seeing Children Improve motor skills

If you have ever watched a child play a sport at a younger age and then continued to watch them play that same sport for a long period of time you know that the amount of improvement is amazing. Observers may see large improvements or small improvements. For example, I am lucky enough to work with a 9-10 year old boys soccer team. I have been working with these boys for about a year now and the improvement in motor skill development is simply astounding. These boys went from not being able to control a soccer ball to being able to dribble and strike the ball much harder than they had when they were younger. These simple improvements seem like they are not a big deal but when you see the development happen in front of your face it is truly extraordinary.
I think motor development very important to the younger age groups because without motor development, children could never get good at a sport or activity. I see this helping K-12 teachers because they need to understand how helpful motor skills.